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Real Estate

The surplus value that the real estate brings or will bring to its surroundings,The nature of the tenants or potential tenants,Current or potential rental value,Rental periods, rental contract conditions,The effectiveness of the management company,Sales or rental values of the surrounding real estates,The development structure of the region,


We can help you understand all of the most common investment options, how to choose the right one for your needs and goals, and how to increase your chances of success.



Our Mission

To help the valuable actors of our private sector, which is one of the building blocks of our growing and developing economy, both in the healthy growth and institutionalization of our customers and in the economic development of our country and society by making international contributions.

Our Vision

To be a preferred company in consultancy services related to investment and earnings management of our customers.

Our Values

We are experts at our job.We are passionate. We attach importance to innovation and change.We are respectful. We value our employees, our customers, our society and our country.We care about happiness. We establish happy employee and customer relations,We share our knowledge and experience.We establish open and honest relationships.We aim for excellence.We listen to our customers and create special solutions.We work with discipline and result oriented.We provide quality service and add value.We try to help your investors in their decision-making processes, we do not make decisions for our investors.