The surplus value that the real estate brings or will bring to its surroundings,
The nature of the tenants or potential tenants,
Current or potential rental value,
Rental periods, rental contract conditions,
The effectiveness of the management company,
Sales or rental values of the surrounding real estates,
The development structure of the region,
The location of the residence or housing project, its nature, other projects around it, the condition of the land, the type and size of the residence, its dues, whether it is in or outside the city, whether it is a multi-storey, row house or independent residence, management type, occupancy of the building or site rate, lifestyle within the site, proximity to schools, shopping centers and health institutions.

The orientation of the selected property, its exposure to light and sun, its floor, view, parking facilities, location of noise sources and the effect of noise.

Determining whether or when issues such as electricity, water, natural gas, waste water have been resolved in the region where the residence or the housing project is built.

When having to choose between a used house and a new building, making evaluations in terms of various aspects such as construction quality, maintenance, repair, safety, decoration, garden structure and social life.

In this area, we can introduce you to the property owners and/or real estate agents authorized to rent and sell, and arrange an appointment. He can participate in the negotiations with you within your authority. We can help you decide.